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Here's a list of some of the pitfalls to avoid in starting your Web presenceHeads UP!
Now that you know everything there is to know about the Internet, it's time to launch your very own website on the World Wide Wait!

Or is it?
Getting started with a Website
Web Presence Do's & Don'ts by Smiley


If you're going to have a Website, the ability to see it and to interact with it pretty much goes hand in hand. We'll get you a network connection to the internet so that all systems on your LAN can browse the Web, send/receive e-mail, etc at the same time through a single phone line or other connection. What you'll need for this is:

A Local Area Network

An E-mail Server

A Pipe to the Internet

Your own Domain Name

Once you've gotten to this point, it's time to consider potential problems to having your name and reputation hanging in the heavens. As you might have guessed, we've run into a few of them ourselves and postulated a few more from our peers experiences and concerns.

What is a Domain?
Can we have multiple people working on our site at the same time?
What about Hackers?

If you need to send and/or receive a lot of files over the internet, you are probably going to need a bigger pipe to the internet than a modem connection and a webserver on your local site. That's not always the case, but it usually is. Colocation is another potential solution here, but I can almost guarantee that when you get to this point, you're going to want us to help you.
We like to call it "Getting Published" but it really is just putting your Website up where the internauts can find you. will probably start out on a Virtual Server which is just some drive space set aside on your ISP's server for your use. PMA Consulting will develop you a "Business Card" site as part of our Connectivity package. This isn't really much of a WebSite, but it does at least display something when the internauts come looking for you. It won't take you long before you'll want to expand on that quite a bit, and we've made an alliance with La Voie Photo Web Services to develop a Brochure WebSite for you as phase two. Beyond the Brochure site, we go on into a full blown E-Commerce site which is--of course--totally custom and has to be proposed on an individual basis. We'll discuss some of those rules further down the line under E-Commerce.
A Firewall protects you from the destructive influence of criminal gov't agencies and childish hackers breaking in from the internet.
PMAco975seSandyBv, gotcha
At this point, you'll almost certainly be hosting your own site. Either with an in-house server at the end of a large pipe to the internet (DSL, Frame, T1 or better) or through a "co-location" program with your ISP (your server on their site). Now we get to play with the really big boys!
Apache Server
CGI Scripts (PERL)

Do it Yourself
I want to learn how to do it all by myself for FREE!
Policy References
RFC2317: Classless IN-ADDR.ARPA Domain Resolution
Website Development - Speed
MetaTags & Search Engines
Webmaster's Log

Network Administrator's "Road to Hell"PMAco975seSandyBv

Archive to CD procedure

PC Users Services

PMAco's Inventory & Interview

What is an I&I? We needed an "introductory" service for folks that don't know us yet. The I&I is a low cost solution to getting your system upgraded. Cost is $25, you bring your system in to the shop and we'll inventory the parts that make it up, interview you to discover what it is you want to accomplish with it and write up a proposal of what it will cost to get there from here.
Since you've paid us for this service, you are welcome to take that proposal to another shop to get it implemented, file it for future reference, or anything else you'd like. If, however, you give us the go-ahead to perform the upgrade, we'll credit the cost of the I&I against the cost of the upgrade.

PMAco's Approved Hardware List

Doug Hood founded the company on the concept of an "Approved Hardware List" with which each and every system we build has to comply. The concept is a simple one and is well explained in Smiley's essay on Used Oats, it has to do with value. All computer components are NOT created equal and therefore will not find themselves on PMAco's Approved Hardware List. New systems we build and warranty will always and only be compiled from components on this list and the result is systems that cost between 30 and 40% more than "equivalent" mail order systems. Our systems will also:
1. be compatible just about any Operating System you'd care to load on them,
2. perform noticeably faster than the "equivalent" mail order system using any benchmark,
3. have exceptional turn-around times on warranty replacements you might need.

Networking Services

Local Area Networking

What is a LAN anyway?

Technical References
Clean up the Happy99 "virus".
Registry Backup Procedure

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