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Protecting your privacy on the Internet today isn't just a matter of taking care with your credit card and mangling your return address against SPAMmers. With every breakthrough in browser technology and every month that goes by, hackers are getting more and more creative in finding ways to get to your personal data or do harm to your systems.
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MSN Messenger Control Exploit (Messenger Hijack)
February 10, 2002
PMAco975seSandyBv gotcha
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As a consultant, I *hate* the "no solution in sight" syndrome that seems to be a completely acceptable response in today's "Well, Micro$lop products rule the world, so we'll just have to live with it" environment. I disagree, so here is the best solution you can implement to allow you to read these updates and then think to yourself "Not my problem, I'm not eligible". The first and foremost "hook" every one of these disasters have in common is of course, Win32. If you don't use the Windoze operating system, you have nothing to worry about. The second hook is Microsoft products. If you use Netscape Navigator to browse the web and their e-mail client, you are safe from 85% of the "computer spread diseases" that can get to you. To get to 100% safe, you merely have to replace Word and Excel with someone else's (anyone, Lotus, Corel, Sun) product and you'll be 100% safe from any of the worst viruses to hit the aether in the last six years.

Good Luck.

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