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This information was last updated on Wednesday, 29 Oct, 2003 at 07:18:09 by Smiley

Grab MiniTelnet here it's absolutely the best BBS telnet client I've found.

I've never enjoyed writing obituaries, being a die-hard survivalist and in overall disagreement with giving up at pretty much everything, this activity kind of goes against my nature. But the fact is that Nebeaux is going down for the last time next week.
The BBS has been limping along with 6 active users for the last couple of months, two of whom were Maggie and I and two weeks ago we stopped logging in to play Global Wars. This coupled with the fact that we're moving to Forest Grove next week has conspired to finally kill the Bulletin Board Service I launched in 1987 on GTPowerComm and then evolved onto Wildcat! in 1994.
It was a really good ride folks, but you just plain ol' can't run a BBS on no people. You can find Maggie and I playing Global Wars on JumpStart if you'd like.

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